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What do I need to bring?

  • Your own computer (or laptop). This includes you’re computer, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse and power cords (1 PC PER PERSON).
  • If you are bringing a console, please bring your own screen.
  • Headphones (including laptops, speakers are unnecessary). We know we can’t really ‘headphone’ consoles, but they’ll likely be in a separate area.
  • Basic 4 outlet Power board
  • 5 to 10 Meter network cable
  • Drivers and Software CD’s, Game install CD’s, spare keyboard, mouse, powercables
  • Sleeping bag (if you plan on having some shut eye)

What should I avoid bringing to the event?
Things you should not bring to the event include but are not limited to:

  • White goods (bar fridges, freezers, kettles, microwaves, eskies, etc)
  • Speakers
  • UPS systems
  • Alcohol, drugs, firearms or weapons
  • More than one computer or monitor, including laptops and servers

If you are unsure whether your items are included in the list, please contact us prior to the event.

What doesn’t my entry fee entitle me to?

  • Behavior considered by the organizers to be disruptive to other players.
  • Material which could be classified as 18+ must NOT be displayed on your monitor at any time.

What does my entry fee entitle me to?

  • 1 Seat,
  • 0.8 meter wide area of desk space,
  • 1 network port and
  • 1 power point.

Can I prepay?
Yes. A ticket purchase is required. This is non-refundable.

Signups are full. Can I still come?
We only guarantee a seat to those who pre-purchase a ticket.

What do I need to do to prepare my computer for the LAN?

  • Ensure that your computer is running with the latest security, game and driver updates
  • A full scan from an up-to-date virus and malware scanner
  • Labeling your equipment to prevent mixing it up with others
  • If you have Steam installed, make sure you update all of your games before entering

How many computers can I bring?
Each ticket is allocated enough room and enough power for a single computer only, single console, or both (but on a single screen). Should you need another computer for something, please contact us.

Can I bring my own game server?
No. Only our servers are to be used. Any 3rd party servers should be run on the one computer paid for by your ticket.
Additional computers for server use are not allowed, unless a separate ticket is purchased.

Can I bring alcohol?
Minors attend the event, and as such do not allow the consumption of alcohol at our events. We also reserve the right to eject those under the effects of alcohol, who can cause security problems.

Can I bring two monitors?
Two small monitors, that would fit on the 0.8m (80cm) desk space allocated, are allowed but strongly discouraged.

Can I bring a large screen monitor/TV?
No. The size limit for screens is 27″. You must be able to fit all your equipment within the allocated space. Rows 5, 6 and 7 and generally reserved for console gamers, while rows 5 and 6 are specifically reserved for those with screen sizes exceeding 27″.

Can I bring speakers?
No. Attendees are required to bring headphones for listening to their computer’s sound.

How long should my network cable be?
We recommend a 5 meter Cat5e or Cat6 network cable. A 10 meter cable is the longest recommended length, and a 2 meter cable may not reach from your allocated seat to the network switch.

Can a friend and I share computers?
For security reasons, spectators are generally not allowed to play on people’s computer. Exceptions can be made for family members or other circumstances. Please see an admin at the event for more information.

Can I sleep at the LAN
There is enough room in the venue for people to sleep on the floor. The venue is secured at night, so you can sleep in your car as well. We recommend a sleeping bag and pillow.

Is there Internet at the LAN?
Yes bit it is limited as it’s only 3G. Please only use it if you have to update. Don’t use it for torrents, warez, video streaming or downloading. Please check for any game updates via the local DC++ server first. With this in mind we strongly encourage you to download and update everything from home PRIOR to the LAN!

How do I order pizza?
When pizza orders are announced, go to the internal website (www.ag.lan) and place your order (under the ‘food’ section). You will need to pay for it with an admin before orders close to ensure you receive it.

Can I bring extra food or drink to sell?
No. However, if you are interested in running some kind of food or drink business at our events, please contact us to arrange something.

Can I bring my own food and drink?
Yes. It should be noted however, that we do not provide facilities for cooking or storing food. Eskies etc, that might leak, should not be used.

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